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Former Saints Player/ScoutsView VP

Gives Background on ScoutsView

What is ScoutsView?

Winning Coach & Outgoing Seniors

Reflect on Championship Win

US Army All-American Player of the Year Shares Thoughts

SCOUTSVIEW is an international social athletic connection website in which male and female athletes create their own promotional campaign to propel their athletic careers.  Students create profiles that include their vital stats (position, height, weight, age, athletic and educational experience) and feature footage of their star-shining moments in competitions, scrimmages, practices and actual games. These highlights are then viewable by college and university scouts, sports agents, professional sports representatives, and fans. Plus, fans can vote for their favorite athletes, boosting exposure.

Presently, opportunities for athletic talent and leagues to connect are limited because of highly-monitored NCAA recruiting rules for communicating with prospects. Under the current system, many students mail recorded highlight footage and travel to universities and scouts travel to events to observe athletic ability first-hand, thus wasting resources (time and money). Likewise, because of a lack of resources, top-notch athletes miss opportunities to be seen. Additionally, NCAA rules prohibit engagement between athletes and scouts via social media like Facebook and Twitter, as such sites are not obligated to adhere to NCAA Rules for recruiting.

SCOUTSVIEW uses a social platform to level the playing field, giving ALL athletes equal and cost-efficient exposure, while adhering to NCAA rules. Scoutsview innovatively links scouts and students, colleges and high-school hopefuls, collegiate athletes and professional leagues, globally.



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